Uli Kusch, also widely known as the drumming genius, was born on April 11, 1967, in Germany. He is a highly revered drummer, composer, and producer in the rock and metal genre. Uli’s playing style exhibits a perfect combination of technical virtuosity, creativity, and innate sense of rhythm. He has played with various world-renowned bands like Helloween, Masterplan, and Gamma Ray, to name a few. In this post, we will explore the life, music, and contribution of the drumming genius Uli Kusch.

Early Life and Inspiration

Uli Kusch’s fascination with drums began when he was only five years old and would often play on his mother’s pots and pans in the kitchen. As a teenager, he started playing professionally and received his first drum set from his parents. Uli’s inspiration for drumming stemmed from legendary drummers like Keith Moon, Phil Collins, and Neil Peart. The drumming genius’s early influences helped him develop his own unique style and approach to drumming.

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The Rock and Metal Journey

At the age of 16, Uli played with a local band named “Food for Thought” and worked his way up to larger bands like Helloween and Gamma Ray. He rose to fame with his exceptional performance on Helloween’s album “The Time of the Oath” and Gamma Ray’s “Land of the Free.” Uli’s drumming style includes fast-paced double-bass pedal techniques and intricate cymbal work. He is also known for his melodic and rhythmic playing style that compliments the music genre and the band’s sound.

Uli Kusch: A Composer and Producer

Besides his incredible drumming skills, Uli Kusch is also a talented composer and producer. He contributed to the songwriting and producing process of several bands he played for. Uli’s expertise in composing and producing songs enabled him to express his creativity in a more comprehensive form.

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Collaborations with MasterPlan and Beyond

After parting ways with Gamma Ray, Uli joined forces with ex-Helloween members – Roland Grapow and Uwe Reitenauer, to form the band MasterPlan. The trio released their debut album in 2003, self-titled “Masterplan.” The album quickly gained popularity among rock and metal enthusiasts with Uli’s drumming in the spotlight. Uli has collaborated with numerous other musicians and bands, showcasing his exceptional skills as a drummer and musician.

The Genres Uli Kusch has Contributed To

Uli Kusch’s contribution to the rock and metal genre is unmatchable, though he also played for bands in different genres. Besides rock and metal, Uli’s drumming can be heard in other genres like electronica, blues, rockabilly, and many others. His versatility as a drummer and musician makes him one of the most sought-after musicians in the music industry.

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1. Who is Uli Kusch?
Uli Kusch is a German drummer, composer, and producer, known for his incredible drumming skills in the rock and metal genre.

2. When did Uli Kusch start playing drums?
Uli Kusch started playing drums when he was only five years old.

3. What are Uli Kusch’s notable works?
Uli Kusch’s notable works include albums from Helloween, Gamma Ray, Masterplan, and several other bands he played with.

4. What other genres has Uli Kusch played in?
Uli Kusch has played in genres like electronica, blues, rockabilly, and many others.

5. What makes Uli Kusch’s drumming style unique?
Uli Kusch’s drumming style is unique because it combines technical virtuosity, creativity, and innate sense of rhythm.

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6. Is Uli Kusch still active in the music industry?
Yes, Uli Kusch is still active in the music industry, collaborating with musicians and producing music.

7. Does Uli Kusch play any other instruments besides drums?
No, Uli Kusch’s main instrument is drums.


Uli Kusch is an enigma in the world of drumming, with his exceptional talent and creativity shining through every performance. His contribution to the rock and metal genre is unmatched, and his drumming style remains an inspiration for young drummers around the world. Uli’s journey from playing on his mother’s pots and pans to becoming a world-renowned drummer has been nothing short of remarkable. Uli Kusch is a true drummer’s drummer and will always be remembered for his incredible drumming skills and contribution to the music industry.

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